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July 5, 2021

Showing Date and Time with Small Taskbar Buttons in Windows 10

I’m trying to shrink the amount of vertical space taken up by the Taskbar in Windows 10 but I still want it at the bottom of the screen. In Settings > Personalization > Taskbar you can select the Use Small Taskbar Buttons” option, but the time and date display over on the bottom right just shrinks to show time. But I’m too used to glancing there for the date as well and it seems such a simple thing. Doing a search brings up lots of requests but the answers mostly suggest deselecting the Small Buttons option.

I started looking for tray apps and came across T-Clock which I think I used many years ago on WinXP.

The latest version (2.4.4) is dated 2018 which would normally ring alarm bells re support. But it seems a mature solution and I thought it worth a try. So I downloaded the Zip (, ran the 64bit version and all seems good - loads and loads of options so you can get the time and date displayed just like you would like and all compatible with Small Taskbar Buttons.

Here is what the reality looks like - the time shown is 9:05 and 30 seconds

Screen grab showing how I am using T_ClockScreen grab showing how I am using T_Clock

The font I’m using is 10pt Segoe UI with slightly increased line spacing. I’m using the Advanced Clock Format with this coding:

HH:nn     ss\ndd mme yyyy

For completeness I found this link which first alerted me to T-Clock and gives an alternative:


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