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June 29, 2021

Killing Endless Printer Notifications in Windows 10

I’m setting up a new computer and just added the print driver for an HP Color LaserJet Pro M253-M254. When you are low on toner or whatever HP send you notifications every time you print and it does get mighty irksome.

If you do a web search on stopping HP printer notifications you get lots of pages that nominally answer but seem to dig deep into the printer or Device Manager and none seemed to give instructions that easily worked for me. But rather than sort this at the printer I thought I’d see how I can get Windows 10 not to keep alerting me.

Go into Settings > System > Notifications & actions … and lower down on the page you will see Get notifications from these senders” and there you can switch off notifications entirely for HP Smart”. If you click on HP Smart” you can fine tune notifications rather than chopping them all off.


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