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March 26, 2022

Windows 10 Hello Problems - Reset cures things

It started with Lenovo updating the Synaptics Fingerprint Reader Driver to on my Lenovo X1 Generation 9. After the update whenever I went to use the computer I got this message at the login screen your credentials could not be verified”.

It was like the facial recognition would recognise me but it couldn’t go on to fully log me in. Ditto with the fingerprint reader, if that has never been that reliable for me. The error message was not too serious because I was always able to enter my account pin number and the machine was then all as normal.

I tried switching the fingerprint recognition off and then on again, but could not get it to enrol my finger - the little animation you get normally, was not showing and all I could do was cancel and exit the process.

I decided to Reset the Windows 10 Hello system. Swiftly done using either of these instructions:

I used the first link, which although on Dells site is generic to all W10.

The reset totally clears out the old biometrics and so you need to register your face and fingers again. I did this and karma was restored.


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