Apr 18, 2021

Dancers are the athletes of God - Albert Einstein

Choosing a Blog Title Font

I obviously much the like the theme I’m using (Whitespace) but I didn’t like the original standard heading text – the ‘BruceMarriott.com’ top left. As standard on a PC it looked like this:

Original Whitespace Blog Title on a PC

I wanted a nice font to give some colour and personality to an otherwise cooly clean look. The place I go to look at fonts is MyFonts. The great thing is you can test fonts by typing in a short prase (like BruceMarriott.com) and see what it looks like.

However many fonts look really cool on their own but then don’t fit with what you have – at least my non-designer eye can’t see how it will work.

So what I did was take a copy of the theme as delivered, pasted it into Photoshop and then, using the Myfonts test facility I produced likely good looking titles which I again copied and pasted (using layers) to see just how they would look on my page as is. (btw I grab copies off screen using 123 Screen Capture Pro – I don’t use it so often but when I do it always just works – hooray). Great – I went through 20 fonts I thought looked cool and about 12 of them just didn’t work at all. In the end there were 3 I thought nice and I’ve gone with Sphinx RR Inline.

Sphinx RR Inline

Distinctive, makes a mark, but not too heavy and a bit theatrical I think.

Having chosen the font actually using it as proved fun – but that’s another blog entry.

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