Apr 18, 2021

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Belkin UPS UPSD.EXE Falls Over when restarting from Windows XP Stand By

UPSD.exe came with my Belkin UPS and I think is responsible for talking directly to the UPS over USB. When it falls over the PC is not in the loop and can’t power down properly or tell you what the UPS is up to – bad news. After resuming from putting XP into Stand By, UPSD would throw up an error message that it had fallen over and did I want to send details to Microsoft etc.

A Google did not throw up much particularly, so I thought I would check for new software (which I guess shoudl have been my first response!):

I was using Belkin Bulldog Plus v 3.2.19 and a new version was released in January – 4.0.2

Installing the new version threw up lots of messages – it looks like their installer does not do a good job of uninstalling the old version. I struggled through (sorry can’t recall all I did but at some point I did a Program Stop on the System Tray Icon. If I were updating again I would stop the System Tray component, Remove all the Belkin Software and only then install the new.

But good to say that 4.0.2 plays happily with XP Stand By.

Words of Welcome

Welcome to my blog – I’ve long wanted one but wanted it to look like I wanted and to be extensible and tweakable and sexy etc. Of course all this is a search for perfection and merely stops it happening!

So here it is as it is and I will tweak and add as I go along.

And finally all those little things I kept thinking “Must put this on a blog” can be done. In wrestling with technology and life etc I often search for solutions and it’s as often as not a blog offers some thoughts on the way forward and if I have any hope its that some of the future posts here help others.

I also see it as a repository for odds and sods that I will probably forget myself otherwise. And of course it would be good to have a place for pics and the stuff of life.

Anyway without further ado I declare this blog open.

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