Apr 19, 2021

Dancers are the athletes of God - Albert Einstein

Words of Welcome

Welcome to my blog – I’ve long wanted one but wanted it to look like I wanted and to be extensible and tweakable and sexy etc. Of course all this is a search for perfection and merely stops it happening!

So here it is as it is and I will tweak and add as I go along.

And finally all those little things I kept thinking “Must put this on a blog” can be done. In wrestling with technology and life etc I often search for solutions and it’s as often as not a blog offers some thoughts on the way forward and if I have any hope its that some of the future posts here help others.

I also see it as a repository for odds and sods that I will probably forget myself otherwise. And of course it would be good to have a place for pics and the stuff of life.

Anyway without further ado I declare this blog open.

  • About BruceMarriott.com

    A home on the web for blogging about life and what I do professionally and otherwise. More in the About section.

  • Ballet.co and Dance

    I'm best known for running Ballet.co - one of the biggest sites in the world about watching ballet and dance. The Ballet.co page on this site says more or Just visit www.ballet.co.uk

  • LiftedLeg and Negotiating

    In an earlier life I loved doing deals and now I represent some professionals involved in dance. They concentrate on the art they love and I concentrate on achieving fair terms and conditions for them. More on the LiftedLeg page.