Apr 22, 2019

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Not a Fan of Apple, iPhone or iphoneunlockuk.com

For background see my earlier post on upgrading my original iPhone to version 2 software:

Since then I have become steadily more disenchanted by my iPhone and where Apple seem to have landed us…

  • the slowness of the device to switch applications
  • the browser crashes – just when you get to an interesting page the browser self extinquishes. Where were you? how did you get there. This is corrosive of using the device to browse for useful info
  • browser annoyances like inability to quickly get to the bottom of a page, waiting for rendering when trying to move swiftly through a document, double tapping to magnify an area but catching a link during the page load (when everything is rendered tiny and thus easily done) and it interpreting the first tap as an instruction to go get the other page – immensely annoying.
  • Apple coming out with bug fix releases but not saying what they fix. 2.01 and 2.02 don’t reliably seem to have done much.
  • Mapping locate me function still not working
  • All the general crap around running a jail broken iPhone – why can’t Apple just allow users to go with the network they want rather then trying to screw more money out of it all by limiting what can they do. It’s not an atractive business model.
  • Having to go into a Phone mode to call out – my Nokia home page just allows dialling really easily.

All up I continue to hold to the view that Apple have released the V2 update too soon and after insufficient testing.

The upside of the device remains the large screen and some aspects of the usability. But it’s not enough.

I have given up on the iPhone as a phone for now and put the Sim back in a reliable Nokia E61. It’s also smaller and lighter and has a longer battery life. It is 3G full bluetooth and the screen is good enough.

I have though just updated the iPhone to 2.02 – it still works on T-Mobile but the jail broken apps are gone, but I wasn’t really relaying on anything there so no problem and I can add that back latter should I need. The locate me now mapping is still not working in 2.02.

Finally about iphoneunlockuk.com…
About two weeks ago I added a comment to their blog as follow:
I’ve been living with an original iPhone (which runs on T-Mobile UK) upgraded for about a week now and on balance wish I had not upgraded to v2.0.

Apple don’t seem to have tested it as much as they should and GPS/locate me does not work and the machine can often hang for a few seconds after switching application. Safari (browser) also doesn’t seem as robust as it used to be and just self extinguishes on some sites. None of this renders the machine unusable but had I been aware of the problems I would have held off upgrading an otherwise reliable machine until Apple have got 2.01 or 2.1 out.

Comments don’t get added but wait in a moderation queue. Disappointingly by comment was moderated out. Many comments are of the ‘Thank you so much for such a brilliant service…’ variety though occasionally more interesting tit-bits emerge. I guess my ‘think twice about upgrading’ contribution was out of kilter with encouraging people to spend money at the site. I think this is a shame. If anybody has had a similar experience do say. New blog entries have now been created by iphoneunlockuk for 2.01 and 2.02 releases and when I have a bit of experience of 2.02 I will try adding another contribution to the site.


4 Responses to “Not a Fan of Apple, iPhone or iphoneunlockuk.com”

  1. Jody Sanders on August 21st, 2008


    We didn’t moderate that comment because its not appropriate for our site – you need to take these comments to Apple and file bug reports otherwise it seems as though its our software at fault!

    And of course its out of kilter for the website – we’re trying to encourage people to embrace 2.0, we are running a business here!

    2.0.2 is a bit better and 2.1 (to be released in September) should fix many of the issues. I’m running 2.0.2 and am very happy.

    I agree 2.0.0 seems rushed.


  2. admin on August 22nd, 2008

    We obviously have different views and I wouldn’t have bothered to submit the comment if I didn’t think it was useful to customers and visitors of iphoneunlockuk.com. I don’t think anybody would read the comment and think it was a criticism of the software you supply.

    I think the vast majority of original iPhone users will migrate forward, but the issue is when is best and at the moment, my feeling/experience, is that it is not such a rosie picture. My preference, obviously, is that I use service providers (such as iphoneunlockuk.com) who are realistic about the areas of their sites that are interactive and don’t ‘massage away’ comments reasonably made. It’s corrosive of trust since I now wonder what other comments have been dismissed by yourselves and which might have been helpful to me in deciding when I would best use the iphoneunlockuk.com service to upgrade (and, incidentally, which I had already paid for).

    Ultimately you come here to make a point and your point is published and reasonably discussed – you might have handled my comments in a similar fashion on your own site.

  3. Jody Sanders on September 21st, 2008

    Hi Bruce – have you updated to version 2.1 yet? Just wondered if it has solved your issues..

  4. admin on September 22nd, 2008

    A redundant question really – I blogged about this a week ago!

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