Jun 18, 2019

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Showing the Date in the Windows System Tray

Somehow I keep wanting to know the date when I’m on the computer (running Windows XP) and its annoying to hover over the time in the system tray to get it – sometimes the hover doesn’t work even, adding more annoyance. Of course when I want to know the time I look at my watch so it would have been nice if Microsoft had made this bit of XP configurable. Alas not.

You can make the Taskbar deeper and then the date gets displayed along with the time. But you seem to be wasting valuable screen real estate then. Of course you can auto hide it (so no screen real-estate loss) but I’ve never got on well with that way of working.¬† So I did a search that came up with a little app called ‘DateInTray‘. I then did a search on that and Lifehacker to see if it had been recommended by them. That does two things – adds some degree of confidence to a selection and also in the discussion on Lifehacker other similar apps are thrown up that may be better.

DateInTray looked good, so I downloaded it. Well it does what it says – puts the date in the tray¬† but it doesn’t put it next to the existing Windows time display over on the right. At start-up it could appear anywhere and while its distinctive I really don’t want to hunt for it amidst 10-20 other little icons. So I went back to Lifehacker and LClock seemed to get good comments for its configurability.

LClock works well and replaces the existing Windows time display and with a bit of ticking of boxes duly puts up date along with the time – just what I need. Here is what it looks like on my machine – the time is 7:38 on the 8th day of the month:

LClock - showing Time and Date

Get LClock here:

The page on Lifehacker about DateInTray, LClock and other apps:


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